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    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    Inspired... What Type of Weather is This?!!?

    These days it can really be anything from a 65-degree windy day to a 99-degree blazing hot day - so how are we supposed to dress?!!? I've come up with a solutions through different inspirations, so you can pick and choose depending on which side of this global weather catastrophe you're experiencing today.

    No matter if it's hot or cold, you always need a great pair of shoes.
    Just like shoes, a smile is always in style, regardless of the weather!
    For cold mornings, throw on a coat or fur - you can throw it off the second it gets hot and reveal your outfit preparedness underneath.

    Is it a skirt? Is it a dress? Do you even care when it's hotter than hell outside?
    You can never really go wrong with your favourite lightweight dress and comfortable flats.

    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    Item of the Week

    Florals for spring? Too traditional! Try something new with this watercolour skirt - it's airy, simple, and unexpected, unlike your regular liberty print styles.

    AE Pleated Summer Skirt (in Grey or Fuchsia Dip Dye) - $39.50;

    Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    Photo(s) of the Week

    An Alexa Chung outfit update!

    Loving the Louis Vuitton accessories, but exploding with envy over that sweater cardigan!

    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Festival Special: Coachella

    For all you fellow Californians, here's a Wearfare special on the 90+ degree styles at Coachella 2009

    Fight on, Indian style
    Agyness Deyn decked out in americana and looking beautifully disheveled
    Only at Coachella are bicycle shorts and swimsuit bottoms acceptable substitutes for shorts and skirts
    One piece of cloth, many dimensions of beauty
    Kate Bosworth's casual-chic style translates effortlessly to the Coachella atmosphere - and I'm in love with those silver sandals and laser-cut skirt!
    Make preppy plaid styles summer-ready in short proportions and lightweight fabric
    Chloe Sevigny rocks the socks with sandals look better than anyone I can think of - although that tan line will be a bummer! The adorable dress more than makes up for it though
    High-heels at a music festival is a risky idea, but paired with the right accessories and clothing it seems like a good choice
    Daisy Lowe sticks to the signature Coachella midriff-baring style of cropped tee and cut-off shorts
    A long tank-top is an acceptable substitute for a dress, since the last thing you want to do in that weather is dress up
    A chambray jumpsuit is an easy way to integrate your favourite, denim, into summer wear. And those shoes are killer!

    Did any of you attend? Who did you see? What did you wear? Did you happen to see any of these people?

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Enviable...Tom Binns

    I envy THESE:

    Just sayin'!

    Inspired... Just Because

    Just because I'm always in need of a little inspiration (and I'm fairly sure you are too!)

    Menswear done right - model Irina Lazareanu keeps a light feminine touch with a plaid blazer and slightly fitted trousers.

    The bold shoulder is just the right size to be wearable, and the mix of textures breaks apart what could have been a too-stiff all-black outfit.
    Hangin' loose - a delicate destruction can make an all-over smart outfit more laid back.
    Tight all-over doesn't have to equal trashy. The wrapped belt is perfection, and the black patent booties pop against the other monochromatic pieces (it does help that she has an impeccable figure and face to match!)
    Mixing styles doesn't always look confusing - above, the combination of cargo pants, cascading necklace, slouchy tank-top, and semi-structured bright-blue bag is easy and breezy.

    Friday, April 10, 2009


    Sorry I haven't been updating the blogs lately - I'm out of town and away from my comp all day (except for right now of course) and the internet connection sucks anyway :/

    Best Wishes,


    ps - I promise I will add a lot more fab content when I get home, so stay tuned!!!!

    Sunday, April 5, 2009

    Item of the Week

    The must have pant of the season - in an effortlessly comfortable fabric, and affordable price. 

    Silence & Noise Harem Pant (in Black) - $38;

    Friday, April 3, 2009


    The two most fabulously dressed women in politics, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Michelle Obama, finally meet! Surprisingly, it wasn't as much a fashion face-off as a meeting of fashionable political minds, as they dressed similarly: in flats (both women are quite tall; granted, Michelle is wearing kitten-heels) and bow-tied coats with matching short-sleeve shift dresses underneath.Two of a kind - the beginning of a great relationship between France's Bruni-Sarkozy and Obama.
    "Maybe we should have called each other this morning, to make sure we weren't going to be wearing the same thing..." - Bruni-Sarkozy (or was that the plan all along?!!?)
    "I absolutely LOVE your dress! And those shoes? Stunning!" - Obama
    "Oh, these new things? Dior! I can tell you're a girl who loves her Thakoon." - Bruni-Sarkozy

    Celeb Stalk

    Today's theme is BLAZERS!

    More than a cashmere wrap or fur stole, blazers are the new night cover-up. But also unlike the wrap or fur, blazers can transition equally from late-night parties to work or even just a regular shopping day. Casual, chic, and ageless, a blazer is also a truly unisex item (meaning you can always borrow one from a brother or boyfriend). And it's not just the fashion world that's going crazy for them - celebrities have gone ga-ga for this collegiate staple as well (not meant to hint towards Lady GaGa)!

    Featured on WhoWhatWearDaily. I love Gwyneth's outfit - a combination between summer-style gold gladiators and fall-style black jeans and of course, the blazer. 
    Kate Moss is one of my personal style icons, and she hasn't failed me yet! This blazer's satin lapels are similar to a mens-style tuxedo and is a nice contrast to the other matte black pieces. The serious all black is the perfect backdrop to showcase the playful dress from her eponymous Topshop line.
    The short sleeves on Lou Doillon blazer is a nice twist on the usual long sleeves. It's
    u n b u t t o n e d, but you can see that it's double-breasted, which is also another nice twist. She wears it with a simple white tank-top and unkempt hair, which immediately tones down the fanciness of the ensemble (or dresses up the casualness, whichever way you look at it)
    Always on my fashion radar is Keira Knightley, who always delivers a great outfit. The colour combination is superb, and the booties add an edge to the classicality of the tucked-in white top (with a genius black ribbon tie) and navy blazer. The green 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt lends a playfulness as well.
    Blazers are a must-have for any real-life Gossip Girl. This one worn by Blair (Leighton Meester) has been my favourite throughout the show. It almost makes me want a uniform, just so I can breakout this little ribbon-trimmed, crest emblazoned number!
    As Rachel Bilson shows, a blazer doesn't always have to be black - sequins jazz-up the simple grey jeans and white t-shirt, and a bright-yellow oversized clutch is never a bad accessory. 
    There's nothing I don't LOVE about Sienna Miller's outfit. First off, the shoes. These red, studded Chloe booties are my #1 most coveted item - and I still don't have them! I'm almost seething with envy (in a good way, I'm not that crazy!) Second, the blouse. White, billowy, ethereal, and perfection when worn under... third, the cropped blazer, with another big trend this season, big shoulders a la Balmain. 
    You may not know who this is, but Lauren Santo-Domingo, a contributor at Vogue and low-key socialite, is always dressed to perfection. The giant lapels on this black blazer are amazing, and I love how it hits at the same point as the skirted outfit underneath. 
    Again, Keira Knightley knows how to wear a blazer. And again, creates a contrast between feminine and masculine, with a blue satin floral Phillip Lim dress set against a crisp navy blazer and worn-in tan leather bag.
    Another blazer-maker extraordinaire is Alexander Wang, whom Emily Mortimer wears to perfection. An all-black backdrop makes the pink blazer pop, and is an interesting colour for a double-breasted blazer (which, like Lauren Santo-Domingo's outfit, falls at about the same height as her mini-dress).

    Wednesday, April 1, 2009

    Photo of the Week

    Gotta love that old-fashioned feeling...