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    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    Inspired... Warming Weather

    With the weather warming up, we all need a little inspiration!

    Probably the most perfect combination I can find. The comfort of the shirt, the volume contrast of the pants, the worn-in leather bag, the grey heels... I'm smitten with this outfit!
    I like the idea of an interesting, light-weight coat as a dress. The matching tights are also an interesting combination, and gives it a colour-blocked look.
    Very vintage Ralph Lauren, and also very classically comfortable. The layers are light and fit to perfection - a white shirt base and a navy cardigan (belted) with a navy blazer and patterned scarf. Crisp, easy, lovely.
    I need those shoes. I really like the combination of colours, with a black and white basis and a cranberry-coloured sweater with a multi-grey scarf. It's very simple to put together, and can be dressed up or dressed down - gotta love versatility!
    For those of you who aren't in the warmest climate, here's a stunner for you. This outfit is trendy and simplistic - the trendy elements being the thigh-high boots and Alexander Wang bag; the simplistic elements being the tunic tee, blazer, and super-blue jeans.

    Friday, March 27, 2009

    As Seen On... by revolve
    Fitted Stretch Dress (in Cerulean) - $795
    Silk Combo Jacket (in Black) - $625
    Leather Motorcycle Jacket (in Denim) - $1,430
    Stretch Netting Skirt (in Black) - $755
    Baggy Sweater (in Black/White) - $595
    Rib Jersey Dress (in Black) - $550

    Maybe I'm a little late, but I just discovered's designer site, Forward by revolve. I'm smitten - I want everything on there! So in starting this new recurring post, I'm going to be showcasing my favourite looks from a certain designer. Yes, this is Wearfare, the blog dedicated to accessible fashion, but it never hurts to admire incredibly designer wares (and if you do have the bank account to buy 'em, more power to you!) Besides, I pretty much get all my inspiration from high fashion looks, and you probably have at least a few times too. Also, forgive my seeming overload of Alexander Wang, but I've decided to showcase his work first :) Hope you enjoy - and comments about what you do or don't like are very helpful.

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Girl of the Month... March

    Not that she's done anything particularly spectacular in the past month, but Alexa Chung is always on my fashion radar. Effortlessly (looking at least) styled, Alexa captures the London stylist look to a tee. She is (granted, behind a few select ladies) the epitome of English-lass style, but it's so uniquely hers. I can see her outfit without noticing her face and still say "that's SO Alexa Chung!" (maybe not in exactly that manner, but you get the point). Oh, what I wouldn't give for one of her Mulberry bags and/or pair of worn-in oxford booties! Don't believe me? Even if you do, take a look :)

    My favourite looks are #'s... well all of them, now that I think about it. 

    Don't forget to enlarge for a better look at Alexa's clothing

    Which looks are your favourites? Who would you rather have been G.O.T.M for March? Do you even know who Alexa Chung is?!!? Comment below, and if you have any questions (i.e. regarding who Alexa is) shoot me an e-mail or something!

    Saturday, March 21, 2009

    Big Love

    T by Alexander Wang is a collection of every stylish girl's (and some boys) dream t-shirts. They're the absolute perfect pieces - supple fabric, hang-out relaxed fit, pre-worn perfection - and I'm almost to the point of salivating thinking about getting them. Her are some photos of the t-shirt perfections (plus the photos with Karlie Kloss are fab!)

    Wednesday, March 18, 2009

    Item(s) of the Week

    I gotta say I'm really loving J.Crew basics for this upcoming spring/summer season. Hot vacation getaways on beaches are never the time to be fussy and precise, so it's easiest to pack breezy basics with simple accessories and unkempt hair. I'm not a big fan of summer, but that sounds pretty amazing right now. Spring collections are filtering in, and I recently spied these little beauties (which I had to have to sooth my often sullen moods). Spring fever's heading your way, and what better way to cope than with a little reasonably-budgeted retail shopping?

    Slub Cotton Ripple-Ruffle Short-Sleeve Tee (in Misty Lavender (my favourite), Warm Blush, Tea Rose, and many other equally delectable-sounding names) - $39.50; and select J.Crew stores

    Faded-Chambray Seaside Short (in Authentic Clean Wash) - $49.50; and select J.Crew stores

    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Dree Hemingway (cont. from Mostly Model)

    There's not much I love more than a model/socialite/fashion ingenue, and the latest to fit that category is Dree Hemingway. Because she is a fashion inspiration and a model, I'm splitting this up between Wearfare and Mostly Model. Literature, theatre and fashion all have a relation to one another, and Dree fits into all of them - she's the granddaughter of renowned author Ernest Hemingway, daughter or actress Mariel Hemingway (Dree herself also has had small acting parts) and is a recently signed Elite model, who with her recent It-Girl status can get into some of the biggest shows and parties in Fashion Week (looking fabulous of course) Her are some of her best fashion moments - my personal favourites are the first picture, at a party for Alexander Wang; the third picture, with the sequined mini dress (also notice the reuse of the green suede Loubs from the first picture - recession A+); and the fourth picture, captured by the Sartorialist, of Dree heading to the Calvin Klein show wearing a custom Calvin Klein suit. If I only we could all be so lucky. 


    Hermès brought back the aviator style we've been missing since, well, "The Aviator". I've really liked the shows that push out the commercial aspect a little in this time when everyone is making slightly boring, commercial collections. 

    Monday, March 9, 2009

    Photo(s) of the Week

    It's Paris fashion week, and the streets are filled with fashionable men and women. Therefore, I had to add another Photo of the Week post, because I just NEED to show all of you these great looks (so you can take elements of them and implement them to your own transitional-season style) Enjoy!

    Photos: The Sartorialist

    1.) Guess who's back, back, back - back again, 'gain, 'gain. Some are thrilled about the return of "Slim Shady", but I'm even more excited about Zanna Robert's fashion week outfits. The skirt is divine - like no other I've seen this entire season. Notice the reuse of the bag as well ( Anna W. would approve.
    2.) This picture you really need to click to enlarge. The pale pink fanned skirt gives a 'cutting edge' to the classicality of the fur stole and black pumps combo.
    3.) Yes this photo wasn't taken at a fashion week exactly, but at a party for Alexander Wang. There were models galore, including one of my favourites, Lily Donaldson. But this is not Lily. This is Dree Hemingway, wearing a fabulous outfit.
    4.) There's no easier way to dress cheery and gleeful in these very un-cheery and un-gleeful times than with a pop of citrus colour! Not only is it easier to wear than you'd think (especially in small doses - an oversized clutch, a chunky bangle, a fantastic Tom Binns necklace...) but it's delicious-looking as well.
    5.) Yea, a regular pair of leather booties, grey skinny jeans, a white shirt and... what's that?!!? Voluminous fur shoulders atop a motorcycle jacket? This is truly fashion on the top, bike-chick on the bottom.
    6.) Everyone has a little leather jacket, but green leather is a twist on the modern classic. The mostly-black outfit is a great backdrop to showcase the coveted green leopard scarf. For most who don't often wear green, this is a green explosion, but not a green overload that almost anyone can be inspired by.

    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Photo(s) of the Week

    Photos: The Sartorialist

    1.) This takes the sheer silhouette to a different level! It's like a fashion optical illusion.

    2.) First off, I love Zanna Roberts. A really admire her impeccable style, and this photo is no exception (she's only the left, if you're unsure). Not to say that I don't like the Phillip Lim dress on the girl on the right, but Zanna can do no wrong. I really like the combo of classic white shirt and leggings paired with leather boots and embellished cardigan.

    3.) So I'm not that into the moccasin boots (too LA-scene kid) and the volume on the top is too overpowering. The reason I chose this picture? The leggings! The cutouts on the side are genius. I have a pair from Leyendecker ( and they're heaven.

    Shows... Missoni

    My favourite Milan show this season? Surprisingly, Missoni. I often either dislike or am ambivalent about most of the Missoni shows, but for some reason this show was so different from usual Missoni fare that I just fell in love. Check it out for yourself:
    and here are some of my favourite looks (above).