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    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    Best Beauty Buys...Temperley

    This look is for those of you who don't think you can pull of the severeness of Amy Winehouse's look, but would really like to. In other words, it's like the vanilla version of Amy's chocolate look. In even other words, it's like the summer/spring to Amy's fall/winter. 

    Once again, some of the application tips come straight from, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, and hair stylist James Brown.

    Available at either or

    Face: Sephora Brand Hydrating & Smoothing Foundation - $20, Laura Geller Illuminizing Color Wash (for lighter skin tones, in Mystic Pink; for darker skin tones, in Sunkissed) - $12.50, Sephora "Tricks of the Trade" Radiance Mist - $12

    Cheeks: Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush (in Lilly 16 or Flamingo 13) - $8

    Eyes: Boots No.7 Stay Perfect Shadow Palette (in Radiant Bronze) - $8, Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust (in Antique Rose) - $5, Boots No.7 Stay Perfect Eye Color Cream (in Vanilla) - $8

    Lips: Boots No.7 Stay Perfect Lipstick (in Desert) - $10

    Make Up Application: Charlotte Tilbury's beautiful inspiration was none other than Shakespeare's Ophelia, the muse of many a Pre-Raphaelite painter. The makeup artist executed her version in a palette of blurred mauves, roses, and chocolates, highlighted with antique golds and bronzes. "It's a very dreamy, far-away look," said Tilbury. Tilbury left the skin looking damp, a romantic interpretation of Ophelia's sad, watery fate. To start, she applied a thin layer of a full coverage foundation—"an imperative for impeccable, expensive-looking skin"—then ran a glossy highlighter over cheekbones and lids. After the foundation, Radiance Mist, and luminzer, apply blush to the apple of the cheeks, then lightly blend towards the temples. Make sure it diffuses properly, so you don't end up with a crazy pink streak headed into your hairline. For the base of the eye shadows follow these 3 steps: first, apply the brown shadows in the palette to the ends and the bottom lash line of the lids up towards the brow bone, like a sweeping cat eye of sorts (very Amy). Second, lightly dust the previously-made sweep with the eye dust. Third, dab the eye color cream along the lash line and inner corner of the eyes, diffusing towards the bottom lash line. For the lips, use the lipstick straight from the bullet for a richer color.

    Hair: GHD Dry Hair Spray - $20;

    Hair Styling: If Ophelia captured Tilbury's imagination, it was Rapunzel who preoccupied hair stylist James Brown. To create his sultry Dark Ages look, he flat-ironed sections of the hair and twirled others into whimsical little ribbons. A mist of GHD's Dry Hair Spray created an invisible, flexible web around the hair, perfect for ethereal creations like Brown's. Brown's appetite for "destroyed-looking styles" comes as little surprise; the stylist's own Return to the Blue Lagoon ringlets make him easy to spot backstage. "It is so sexy to have a pile of disheveled hair," he proclaimed, partially in defense of his own curly, nonconformist crown. And while he's the first to admit that long, shiny Gisele-style layers haven't exactly lost their appeal, he suggests updos and ponytails as a flattering option for those who weren't blessed with the famous Brazilian's bombshell locks. The key, he said, is to go for height. "You're going to see much more hair up this spring."

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    High Street...Beyonce

    While I strongly dislike Beyonce's style (I think she dresses for the wrong occasion and plays up her body a little too much - like verging on too sexy) the Dolce & Gabbana "Miss Pocket" Patchwork bag she's been seen carrying around is a balance of fun and practicality. Not only is it a particularly large shoulder bag, it's also playful and colourful - you can't help by smile when you're carrying it (and neither can B!) Unfortunately, it's out of our price range. And all of yours too I'm pretty sure. Our solution? A cheaper one (granted, some are more than the types of stuff we usually post)! Here are our best finds that most closely matching Beyonce's Dolce & Gabbana:

    1.) Lucky Brand Patchwork Hobo (in Multicolor) - $158;
    2.) Kathy Van Zeeland Patchwork Tote (in Lilac Multicolor) - $99;
    3.) Merona Patchwork Tote (in Multicolor/Brown) - $29;
    4.) Pieces Woven Over-Body Bag (in Multi) - $33;

    Sunday, August 17, 2008

    Under $100

    This is an outfit for the girl who loves to get in and out of the changing room as quickly as possible (to save time for browsing the racks, of course!) It's quite cute, easy to put on again after trying on clothes, and isn't fussy. It also includes basics and colours you may want to use to try on clothes (like a tank top underneath, neutral colours that are easy to match, etc.) Hope this helps all you fast shoppers out there! 

    1.) ASOS Ladder Scarf (in White) - $22;
    2.) Rib Tank Top (in Black) - $6.50;
    3.) Silver Slippers Cotton Pleated Skirt (in Olive) - $40;
    4.) Gemma Skimmer (in Black) - $10;

    Grand Total = $78.50

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Runway-to-Freeway...Lanvin on the Red Carpet

    As I'm sure you know, the red carpets this year have been inundated with dresses by high-fashion brand Lanvin. Women (especially the always lovely Natalie Portman, who wore 3 Lanvin dresses at the Cannes Film Festival) are swarming to the heavily draped, grecian-style dresses in bold jewel tones that are as stylish as they are figure-flattering. But if you're not one of those who has millions to spend, we've found some great options that are just as stylish and just as figure-flattering - but without breaking the bank! 

    1.) Zip Trim Dress by Boutique (in Mushroom) - $130;
    2.) ASOS Cowl Back Jersey Bandeau Dress (in Purple) - $77;
    3.) Silence & Noise One Shoulder Ruffle Top (in Ivory) - $25;
    4.) Chandelier Boob Tube Ra-Ra Dress (in Emerald Green or Sunset Pink) - $99;
    5.) ASOS One Shoulder Tiered Dress (in Orange) - $77;


    From August 14th to August 30th, I'll be posting from London, so I apologize in advance for any long gaps between my posts! 

    Monday, August 11, 2008


    We thought that yellow was just a spring trend, but we sure were wrong! Yellow is back and brighter than ever just in time for fall. Yellow was everywhere on the runways, from the make-up to the blazers, in shades of mustard, citron and gold. Adding a pop of yellow to an outfit is a great way to brighten up your usually dark fall/winter wardrobe. Here are some of our favourite yellow items and yellow inspirational photos:

    1.) "Gossip Girl" star Leighton Meester
    2.) A look from Shipley & Halmos
    3.) Logan Hooded Peacoat (in Yellow) - $89.50;
    4.) ASOS Scalloped Hem Tiered Bandeau Dress (in Yellow) - $33;
    5.) A look from Jaeger London
    6.) Derek Lam's bright-eyed fall make-up look 
    7.) Perfect-Fit Long-Sleeve V-Neck Tee (in Honey Glaze) - $24.50;
    8.) Versace's metallic make-up look
    9.) Solid Opaque Tights (in Honey Glaze) - $16.50;
    10.) Tasha Fringe Hobo (in Yellow) - $34.50;
    11.) A look from Nina Ricci
    12.) Academy Leather Belt (in Mustard) - $18;
    13.) BDG Cigarette Sateen Pant (in Gold) - $49;

    You may have noticed that I changed up the "Inspired" post, and if you have an opinions on what you think about the changes, feel free to e-mail me or comment!

    Saturday, August 9, 2008

    Best Beauty Buys...Anna Sui

    Earth tones are always brought back as a trend in time for fall, and this year is no exception. But if you're still running around wearing your bright sun dresses and flip flops, it would seem that the easiest way to ease into fall is with your make up, and we bring to you today the perfect, simple, earth-tone look, straight from the Anna Sui runway and

    All available at

    Body: If you're gonna come back from vacation, shouldn't you look it? Boots No7 Quick Dry Tinted Lotion - $14

    Face: Boots No7 Stay Perfect Foundation - $12, Sonia Kashuk Brush Up On Color Self-Bronzing Set - $13

    Eyes: Sonia Kashuk Perfectly Neutral Eye Palette - $13, Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara - $7

    Lips: Boots No7 Sheer Temptation (in Smoulder) - $9

    Hair: Nexxus Retexxtur Putty - $12, a spray bottle filled with water

    Application: "Anna and I were on a nature kick," said Garren, who conceptualized the hair for Sui's show. "So I separated the hair into ropey waves." ([Nexxus Retexxtur Putty] gives great definition.) He also packed light—hairbrushes weren't a part of his down-home hairstyle. "It's not a clean cut, so don't comb through it. Do that, and you'll wind up with the Gisele." While Garren admitted that Ms. B√ľndchen's smooth, voluminous layers have a well-earned place in fashion, they gave way to an earthier style on Sui's prairie. While the look bordered on monochromatic—tawny shadows, sandy cheeks, and tan skin—makeup artist Pat McGrath gave each girl a punch-colored pout, the perfect match for Sui's vibrant pieces. Even when attempting to go rugged, stylish types keep a [spray bottle with water] strapped closely to their holsters. A quick mist of [water] gave the models' hair a piecey feel. "[It] gets rid of static," Garren added.For a desert-friendly look, McGrath used a foundation that was slightly deeper than each model's skin tone, and then used a rich bronzer on cheeks.

    Thursday, August 7, 2008

    Get it now...Urban Outfitters

    Urban Outfitters is going through their season-changing sale right now - and I'm bringing you my best finds in the lot. Get them before their gone!

    All available at
    1.) Channel your inner Gossip Girl with these preppy earrings. Crest Drop Earrings (in Gold Fleur, Enamel Red or Silver Crown) - $10 each
    2.) So pretty, it should be worn as a dress. Just make sure it's not too sheer... if you catch my drift... Sparkle & Fade Splash Tiered Slip (in Black/Grey) - $20
    3.) A great blouse to pair with a fitted blazer for that masculine/feminine juxtaposition. Lux Cumulus Cami (in Black Print) - $30
    4.) An artistic take on the plain white tee. Kimchi Blue Smocked Top (in Blue Print) - $10
    5.) With your outfit looking so good, you better make sure your lips shine as bright as you! Crochet Lip Compact (in Cool or Warm) - $10 each
    6.) This tank has a flattering flutter under the bust line. Grecian Flutter Tank (in Wine) - $20
    7.) These shorts are a great alternative to the jeans shorts on those lazy Sundays. Lux Lattice Dolphin Short (in Steel) - $15
    8.) I love the look of this skirt with a tank top tucked-in with a cardigan thrown over. Simple, elegant and effortless. Lux Twill Button Front Skirt (in Black) - $20
    9.) As close as we could find to our most wanted sunglasses, Chloe's Myrte Crystal Sunglasses - and they're $280 less! Pink Moon Glasses (in Brown) - $10
    10.) A (sort of) shirt version of our favourite look in the Karl Lagerfeld Fall RTW show: - $15
    11.) Cute, simple booties - a new summer/fall wardrobe staple. Sunburst Canvas Bootie (in Black) - $40
    12.) These will allow you to achieve a similar style to the tights on the Just Cavalli Fall RTW runway: - $18