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    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    Girl of the Month...July

    On every website we regularly visit, we keep seeing this one girl who's always in the corner but never featured. To us, her style on and off screen is fantastic, which is why July's Girl of the Month is Leighton Meester, our favourite Gossip Girl. We also LOVE her name! Obviously, her on screen style is Upper East Side chic, but off screen, it's more like breezy, California chic. But we'll let her outfit's speak for themselves - after all, some of them speak volumes.

    The first three photos are of Leighton playing Blair Waldorf, our favourite character, on one of our favourite shows, Gossip Girl. Our favourite real life outfit? The second to last photo of Leighton wearing a bright blue vest over a simple black tank top and denim shorts. But did you notice the impeccably placed hair ornament? It makes the outfit! We also love the green ruffle dress, which is perfect for her colouring. 

    So while Leighton is busy in NY filming season 2 of Gossip Girl, we'll be getting our fall wardrobe ready with her style inspiration in mind (and eagerly anticipating the next season of course). 

    And to simplify it for all you math geeks: Leighton Meester + Blair Waldorf = the ultimate style inspiration. And for that reason, Leighton Meester is July's Girl of the Month. Congrats! ;)

    Get it now...ASOS Sale

    The current ASOS sale is big, like usual - which means time to stock up! Here are our best finds:

    All available at
    1.) This would be perfect on someone with an hourglass-type shape, as it would accentuate in all the proper places, due to the drawstring. Plus it's super cute :) ASOS Satin Drawstring Ruffle Dress (in Blue) - $39
    2.) Reminiscent of the recent Prada dip dye bags, but at a much more affordable price. Max C London Dip Dye Tote Bag (in Grey or Purple) - $32
    3.) A glamourous take on the everyday black flats - this will add some sparkle to even the simplest jeans and a tee. ASOS Diamante Studded Flats (in Black) - $32
    4.) A more sustainable, structured sandal which would pair perfectly with a delicate dress... ASOS Leather Suede Cross Front Sandals (in Blue) - $22
    5.) ... such as this one! Simple and elegant. ASOS Waterfall Chiffon Bandeau Dress (in Cream) - $54
    6.) A great alternative to the regular plain white tee. ASOS Corset Print Tee (in White/Black) - $13
    7.) Blazer's are becoming the next cardigan - this one is a great option. You can throw it on with a blouse and a pair of jeans, or over a dress for a more masculine/feminine contrast. ASOS Gold Button Blazer (in Navy) - $43
    8.) A simple studded belt is an easy way to jazz up an outfit, without being over the top. ASOS Studded Distressed Jeans Belt (in Black) - $13
    9.) Winter floral (along with plaid) is the print of Fall/Winter 08, and if you live in places that don't tend to get too cold (for example: Southern California, Miami, etc.) this is a great piece for such a trend. ASOS Chiffon Frill Dress (in Black) - $26
    10.) What better way to add a twist to a regular pair of skinny jeans than with a chic zipper at the ankle? ASOS Grey Zip Skinny Jeans (in Grey) - $26
    11.) Throw on a long cardigan or wrap sweater and a pair or sandals and you're ready for a night on the beach. ASOS Vintage Lace Trim Cami Dress (in Blue) - $43
    12.) We couldn't think of a better complement to this adorable bracelet... ASOS Paris and Umbrella Charm Bracelet (in Grey) - $9
    13.) ... than this adorable necklace! ASOS Eiffel Tower With Heart Beads (in Gold) - $11

    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    Under $100

    This outfit was inspired by a casual weekend lunch date - the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon. And what could make it even better? How about the ultimate casual weekend lunch date outfit? This is ensemble is just the thing! It's easy and quick to put on, and you'll feel like a million bucks without having to spend that much. Plus, you may not all be Mischa Barton fans out there, but we think her purse line is undeniably adorable - so we integrated one into this look for everyone to enjoy. So, enjoy!

    1.) Mischa 'Lyla' Clutch Bag (in Chocolate) - $65;
    2.) Denim Halter Mini Dress (in Denim) - $23;
    3.) Gladiator Wedge (in Brown) - $10;

    Sunday, July 27, 2008

    Enviable...Blake Lively

    Good Looks? Check. Adorable BF? Check. Talent? Check. Casual Coast-to-Coast Style? Check! These are the reasons we envy Gossip Girl star Blake Lively (a.k.a. Serena Van der Woodsen). On display today is her easy, breezy, beautiful laid back style which is always on display - even on television. Blake and Serena may live the same life, but that doesn't mean they can't dress similarly, especially if it's good style!

    As you can see, Blake generally sticks to a uniform of boots and jeans, but that doesn't mean she doesn't look just as good dressed up! Her clothes seem to fit her perfectly, and nothing she wears is provocative - instead, she dresses in a classy and casual manner, which will always be in style. 

    You'll even notice that in the 4th and 5th pictures, Blake is wearing the same military-style cardigan. It's comforting to see that stars repeat their clothes too, amongst reports that star's babies don't wear the same outfit twice! We especially love the last picture of her on the set of Gossip Girl because of our most covetable bag (by Burberry)  - which she is seen carrying on her arm! How we envy you, just for carrying it! The 3rd picture is a perfect example of feminine menswear, and how to dress it up casual wear: Blake pairs her simple skinny jeans and white tank with a fitted blazer and black, patent open-toe pumps. A recipe for success! The 7th picture is the opposite - how to dress down formal wear. Blake does this by pairing her lovely teal chiffon dress with a beaded layered necklace and ballet flats. 

    Congratulations Blake - we officially envy you :)

    Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Runway-to-Freeway...Gucci Fall 2008 RTW/Look #1

    This was one of our favourite shows of the season - the boho chic aspect really appealed to our inner hippie, so we thought you might want to bring yours out too - but in a more modern way, of course. So pile on all the necklaces you have for this super-layered look, cause flower power is here to stay!

    1.) ASOS Short Linked Leaf Necklace (in Gold) - $13;
    2.) This necklace is really great because it's like wearing 15 necklaces at once - without the weight, which is perfect for this look, and for an upcoming "Runway-to-Freeway" post, where we profile Givenchy's latest show. And since it is so useful, we think it's a great investment (and not a bad price either!) ASOS Multi Chain Beaten Disc Necklace (in Multi) - $30;
    3.) ASOS Long Disc Pendant (in Gold) - $17;
    4.) Double Row Link Necklace (in Gold) - $7;
    5.) Sweater Cardigan Vest (in Black, or to lighten up your outfit, Ivory) - $20;
    6.) Diana Leather Belt (in Dark Brown/Gold) - $10;
    7.) Urban Renewal Gauze Dropwaist Dress (in Brown Ethnic) - $58;
    8.) 'Velvet Feel' 50 Denier Opaque Tights (in Chocolate) - $9;
    9.) We realize this is a high price, but they were so much like the Gucci shoes, that we had to at least give them to you as an option (and they're so adorable!) But don't worry - #10 is a different, cheaper shoe option. ASOS Leather Suede Stud Detail Wedges (in Chocolate) - $108;
    10.) A fall weather favourite, but you can wear it year round. Charm City Boot (in Chocolate) - $40;