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    Monday, April 20, 2009

    Festival Special: Coachella

    For all you fellow Californians, here's a Wearfare special on the 90+ degree styles at Coachella 2009

    Fight on, Indian style
    Agyness Deyn decked out in americana and looking beautifully disheveled
    Only at Coachella are bicycle shorts and swimsuit bottoms acceptable substitutes for shorts and skirts
    One piece of cloth, many dimensions of beauty
    Kate Bosworth's casual-chic style translates effortlessly to the Coachella atmosphere - and I'm in love with those silver sandals and laser-cut skirt!
    Make preppy plaid styles summer-ready in short proportions and lightweight fabric
    Chloe Sevigny rocks the socks with sandals look better than anyone I can think of - although that tan line will be a bummer! The adorable dress more than makes up for it though
    High-heels at a music festival is a risky idea, but paired with the right accessories and clothing it seems like a good choice
    Daisy Lowe sticks to the signature Coachella midriff-baring style of cropped tee and cut-off shorts
    A long tank-top is an acceptable substitute for a dress, since the last thing you want to do in that weather is dress up
    A chambray jumpsuit is an easy way to integrate your favourite, denim, into summer wear. And those shoes are killer!

    Did any of you attend? Who did you see? What did you wear? Did you happen to see any of these people?


    Dannie said...

    loves it...
    agnyesss deyn is a goddess

    briannelee said...

    Kate Bosworth looks so cute! I am going to copy that look!

    alter muffin said...

    I love pictures from Coachella! It makes me realize that summer is on it's way!:)

    Melanie said...

    Want/need that "Some crazy thing" t-shirt- do you know what label that is?

    Unknown said...

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