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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Girl of the Month... January

    With the awards season in full bloom and the Academy Awards right around the corner, who else could I choose for "Girl of the Month" but the fantastic, front-running nominee, Kate Winslet? With numerous Oscar nominations behind her but with no award to claim for them, I'm hoping this year will change things for Kate (she did garner two Golden Globes!) Let's take a look at what she's served up on the red carpet... in slideshow form!

    1.) 2009 Golden Globes in Narciso Rodriguez. Three words: Stunning, stunning, stunning. I don't care what the "Fashion Police" say!
    2.) 2008(?) BAFTA Awards. It fits her perfectly, and would look good on a multitude of women's bodies (but looks especially good on Kate)
    3.) Premiere of "The Reader". These bandage Herve Leger dresses have been seen on numerous celebrities, but few have managed to pull them off with the same elegance and classiness as Kate does. Usually they end up looking a little... skanky (for lack of a better word). 
    4.) 2007 Golden Globes in Azzaro by Vanessa Seward. Classic obviously works for her, with a crimson lip, simple silver jewelry (Chopard) and a well-fitted, ethereal white dress.
    5.) 2007 Academy Awards in Valentino Couture. Even though seafoam green isn't a common colour on the red carpet, both Kate and Beyonce were wearing similar colours. But who won in the battle of seafoam? I think you can guess ;)
    6.) A surprisingly voluminous dress for someone who regularly wears relatively form-fitting dresses. Not surprisingly, volume works on her too.
    7.) Revolutionary Road Premiere. This LBD fits like a glove and has just the right amount of 'sparkle'. It doesn't hurt that Leo is right by her... 

    For those reasons (and because Kate is one of the greatest actresses of her generation) Kate Winslet is January's Girl of the Month! Congrats ;)

    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Inspired... Winter Florals

    So I'm changing things up, and today instead of posting a bunch of items and pictures that fall under a certain item theme like "Open Back" or "Purple", I'm going to show you a slideshow of images that all revolve around the feeling of a style (like punk, boho, etc.). Pictures from editorials, some items in a runway show that encompass that feeling, colour samples, etc. Like an inspiration board that a designer would have for a collection, but in slideshow form! Your opinions are greatly appreciated :)

    The idea of this slideshow is: Winter Florals

    Also, if you want to know where a certain editorial photo came from, or from which runway show, or anything in that realm, just send me an email or ask in the comments section and I'll respond asap. Thanks!

    Saturday, January 24, 2009

    Photo of the Week

    Photo: Barack and Michelle Obama

    I thought this appropriate considering Tuesday's events. Happy new presidency everyone!

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    Item of the Week

    The explanation for this week's 'Item of the Week' is simple: I love Madewell. If you haven't checked it out before, you should now! 

    Wool Flutter Top - $78;  

    Sunday, January 18, 2009

    Beauty and the Best

    Beauty Look of the Week: Chloe Spring 2009 RTW (first photo: Lily Donaldson, second photo: Karlie Kloss)

    Pending Item: If you're panicked looking for that perfect lipstick, fret no longer - in stores next month will be Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited Crème Matte Lipstick (shown in Brown 785 M) - approx. $23

    Must Have: Everyone needs a little shimmer, but no one wants to be that girl with a glitter overload. This product imparts the perfect amount of highlight without making your face look like a disco ball. Twilight Freshface Glow - $36;

    Pick of the Week: Solid perfumes are all the range considering their portability and tidiness (no worries about purse spillage). Marc Jacobs Perfume Solid - $55;

    Sunday, January 11, 2009

    Photo of the Week

    This Sonia Rykiel advertisement was one of my favourites of the season. Both Iekeliene Stange and Irina Lazareanu look stunning intertwined on a snow covered street (in a serene European location, no doubt). It's equal parts ethereal and haunting, and it conjures up images of slasher movies as well as fairytales. I love that it's provocative not in a trashy way, but in the way that it makes you think and really analyze it, and that's what a good photo should do - make you question it. 

    For a more detailed view, don't forget to click on it to enlarge it!

    Saturday, January 10, 2009

    Celeb Stalk

    A new recurring post! "Celeb Stalk" uncovers celebrity looks that inspire and provoke personal styling ideas. Sometimes I'll have a certain theme and show outfits specifically relating to that theme. But other times, I'm just going to show looks that I like, and that I think all of you will like as well and will be inspired by. Happy stalking!

    Todays theme is RED accessories! 

    1.) Keira Knightley adds interest to her look by pairing her black, grey and white outfit with a bright red shoulder bag while out and about, shopping with her mother. 
    2.) Kate Bosworth matches her red studded Chloe boots with her rolling luggage for an airport-chic style.
    3.) Vanessa Hudgens livens up her casual outfit with a red patent leather bag and fringed red scarf while out on a coffee run.
    4.) Kate Moss adds a bright red scarf to her leather and studs to soften the harshness of her primarily black outfit.
    5.) Agyness Deyn, always the ham, shows off her sky-high red Alejandro Ingelmo heels paired with her black satin tux at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. 

    Please comment on what you think of this new post, so I can know what your reactions are to it, and how it can/should be changed! Thanks :)

    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    Big Love

    A new recurring post! It's a new year, with new posts aplenty. "Big Love" is about a line or designer that I'm particularly intrigued by and/or I think all of you will like! Today, we're starting off with a celebrity-designed line that I actually like: House of Harlow 1960. Designed by socialite Nicole Richie, this jewelry line incorporates aztec-inspired designs with the basics of jewelry to create bold but uncluttered pieces. Here are some of my favourites: 

    All available at

    1.) Pyramid Bangle (in Red, Black, or White Leather) - $68
    2.) Gold Plated Medallion Locket - $68
    3.) Black Resin Triangle Necklace - $125
    4.) Gold Purple Resin Earrings - $22
    5.) Black Leather Ring - $38
    6.) Palladium Antique Large Bangle - $35

    Monday, January 5, 2009

    Inspired... Open Back

    The body part of the new season? The back! Highlight it, frame it, and show it off! 

    1.) Sasha Pivovarova
    2.) Hilary Swank
    3.) ASOS Chain Back Long Sleeve Top (in Black) - $21;
    4.) The Sartorialist - Studded Leather Jacket
    5.) Sienna Miller

    Tips: Essentially you could create a similar effect by simply wearing a low-cut sweater, shirt/blouse or dress, backwards. 

    6.) ASOS Backless V Back Jersey Top (in Black or Red) - $26;
    7.) The Sartorialist - Chain Necklace
    8.) Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Dress (in Black, Raspberry, Sea Blue or Mauve) - $36;
    9.) The Sartorialist - Voluminous Detailed Coat
    10.) Lipsy Strappy Open Back Zip Body Con Dress (in Black) - $81;

    Tips: Another way to achieve a creative back-showcasing look is by draping a necklace down your back, instead of down the front. But make sure the necklace isn't too heavy - you don't want to choke yourself!

    11.) The Sartorialist - Bejeweled Wing Back
    12.) Kimchi Blue Lace T Back Halter (in Black or Light Grey) - $32;
    13.) Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2009 RTW
    14.) The Sartorialist - V-Back

    Tips: For a bunch of other photo inspirations of backless dresses, here's a good link: