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    Monday, May 11, 2009

    Get it now...Urban Outfitters Sale

    All available at
    Mixed chain is a big trend, and you can get it for a low price with these earrings! 
    DLC by Dirty Librarian Multi Chain Earrings - $20
    An all-purpose, perfectly-sized everyday purse.
    Sabina Leather Satchel - $170
    You can't really see it in this picture, but the back panel is sheer, giving a, unexpected, slightly sexy twist to this regular cardigan.
    Silence & Noise Woven Back Open Cardigan - $15
    Semi Precious Flecked Ring - $20
    It's hard to find killer Frye boots for a relatively affordable price, so snatch these up on sale.
    Frye Belted Harness Boot - $200
    Dainty and delicate but with a bit of an attitude.
    UO Mesh Lace Necklace - $60
    I'm not really a fan of high-waisted jeans on most people, but I love the studs and zippers.
    Cheap Monday Bondage V Fit Jean - $30
    Just an adorable, everyday shirt that can be worn with jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings - anything!
    Printed Exaggerated Hi/Low Hem Tank - $20
    An interesting detail, especially when poking out of a peacoat in the winter.
    Two-Tone Ruffle Scarf - $25
    Can't afford those great two-tone Chanel tights? Here you go :)
    Either Or Tights - $10
    Not your average clutch - great for a cocktail party or dinner date.
    Kimchi Blue Tie Dye Clutch - $30
    Unusual colours and perfect for pairing with airy springtime dresses.
    Shoes for Lovely People Camilla - $70
    A throwback to nautical style, but still very modern and simple. 
    Silence & Noise Captain Dress - $40


    A. said...

    That ruffle scarf that you mentioned is not $19.99 in stores, and the Frye Harness boots are, get ready for this! $19.99 in store- if you can find any Urban store that hasn't sold out of them. Rad!


    M @ Wearfare said...

    Thanks for the correction! I base the prices on just how they're listed on the website, cause I definitely don't have time to go to the stores and remember all tose prices - phew! And that's the most amazing thing about those Frye boots - I guarantee they've ran out of my size already though :/

    Thanks ;)

    - M