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    Tuesday, May 6, 2008


    A little bit about what this is all about: 

    I'm sure that we know how many blogs there are about fashion and street wear (WhoWhatWearDaily, The Sartorialist, etc.) and while all those are great (I frequent them daily), there needs to be something that is even more attainable. For those of us with limited monetary resources, but a desire for luxury labels, I want to create a site that shows how to harmoniously merge the two in a way that is fashion forward and inspired by celebrities, models and up-to-date fashion trends - even before they develop, all with the aid of images and descriptions. You will be able to know where to buy and what to buy so that you can look and fell your best. So I hope that this blog inspires you to stay fashion forward, expand your knowledge of fashion, and wear what you want, all without fighting your budget.

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