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    Thursday, December 25, 2008

    Get it now...Urban Outfitters Sale

    I adore after-christmas sales, and even better than just any old sale, is going to a store and finding that exact thing that you wanted months before, but $20 less. It never fails to put a smile on my face :)

    Here are some great items I found on sale on

    1.) One of my must-have items for 2009 is the everyday purple bag. This is a great option. Deux Lux Doublecross Bag (in Deep Purple) - $68
    2.) Ethereal, easy to wear, and family friendly - like a grown-up snowflake. 3 Charms Chain Necklace (in Black) - $35
    3.) There is exquisite detail on this skirt and it's much more flattering than it may seem. Charlotte Ronson Tulip Skirt (in Bronze) - $120
    4.) A humorously useful item - and unisex as well! S.T.A.M.P.S. TV Duo Watch (in Black) - $50
    5.) Like a little girls cardigan, but can be vamped up when worn with a slim-fitting cocktail dress. Ecote Aran Cardigan (in Mauve or Ivory) - $50
    6.) I love this when it's high waisted and paired with a skinny multi-wrap belt. Silence & Noise Watercolor Skirt (in Gold Galaxy Print) - $40
    7.) This reminds me of the ankle boots in last seasons Chloe show. The colours are very spring, but the leaves translate into fall as well. Patchwork Leaf Heel (in Taupe) - $40
    8.) The biker jacket is one of the trendiest items for the fall/winter season. MINKPINK Slippery Biker Jacket (in Coated Black Denim) - $55
    9.) I like how an everyday object like this wallet can transition into a chic evening clutch. Deux Lux Ruffle Wallet (in Rust) - $20
    10.) An adorable dress that looks great dressed up (with sheer black tights and a vibrantly patterned cardigan) or dressed down (with ballet flats and a hooded sweatshirt). Betsey Johnson Blue Denim Mini Dress (in Blue) - $200
    11.) Not your average winterwear; this peacoat is sure to make a statement. Kimchi Blue Ruffle Peacoat (in Indigo, Black, or Camel) - $100
    12.) A cute, versatile, tank top, which I like best when worn with a fitted skirt, drop earrings and mid-height heels. Silence & Noise Button Down Tank (in Black) - $10


    The Voice Behind Renewed Confabulations said...

    The list is great and I absolutely adore Urban Outfitters :)

    Zm said...

    You mention "sheer black tights" . . . but isn't that pantyhose? Are black pantyhose okay but only if you call them tights? This is confusing me!

    M @ Wearfare said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    M @ Wearfare said...

    Haha I understand your confusion... but I didn't mean pantyhose, I mean't not-opaque tights, just sort of sheerER tights... pantyhose for me is like those tan wafer-thin stockings that women over the age of 35 wear under business skirts.

    To understand exactly what I mean, go to and in the 'search' type in UO Sheer Tights.

    Sorry for the confusion!

    Juice said...

    This list is awesome! I love UO. I'm thinking about working there just because of the SA discount. Hehe.