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    Sunday, December 21, 2008

    Photo of the Week

    Photo: Ginger Rogers, circa 1937


    briannelee said...

    Wow... so pretty!

    Billie Jean said...

    first, thanks for your lovely comment. we really apreciate it.

    and your blog is lovely. you post various kind of posts and they are interesting. so keep on going!
    it's hard to get viewers, we know, but keep going as you are doing and you will get viewers.
    at least you got a new viewer ;)!

    xxx Nikéh and Maxime

    PS: are you interesting in linking?

    StyleCopycat said...

    I like your blog, and, this picture is lovely.

    Thank you for visiting Style Copycat, and for your e-mail.

    Anonymous said...

    ah i love old black and white pictures

    Winnie said...

    Oh wow, she was stunning wasn't she?

    LoveMore said...

    this photo is beautiful! oh why was i born in the wrong era!!! xx

    Billie Jean said...

    thanks for adding my blog :).
    we add you as well!

    merry christmas :)!

    Dream on said...

    I love your blog :)