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    Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    Inspired...Calvin Klein 2009 Pre-Fall/LBD

    Lately I've been really into quality basics; trying to round out my wardrobe with those classic go-to items. Well I've found these fantastic outfits from the Calvin Klein 2009 Pre-Fall show to use for this segment of "Inspired" because it's a they're diverse styles of one of the basic items that every girl needs: the little black dress! I'll give you a few options because you need to find the right one for your body type cause you gotta remember that just because it's stylish doesn't mean it's gonna make you look your best. 

    1.) - 3.): Looks from the Calvin Klein runway show (the first dress is my favourite!)

    Got a little more junk in your trunk? Got a fuller figure? Just because you have curves doesn't mean you can't wear a beautiful black dress and look good! Here are some options:
    4.) Flutter Chiffon Dress (in Black) - $23;
    5.) ASOS Pleated Dress (in Black) - $56;

    Maybe you're body isn't the slimmest? Maybe there are some parts you consider "problem areas"? Cover them up and no one will be the wiser (they probably aren't anyway, it's mostly just yourself who comes up with such things)! 
    6.) *Our favourite dress!* ASOS Drape Front Chiffon Dress (in Black) - $56;
    7.) ASOS Asymmetric Ruffle Dress (in Black) - $56;
    8.) Play by C. Ronson Obsidian Lace Dress (in Black) - $108;

    Have a slim frame? Tall and lanky (maybe a little klutzy because of it)? Want to add some shape to your straight body? You may be ideal runway shape, but that doesn't mean every dress will complement your figure! 
    9.) ASOS Backless Slinky Jersey Dress (in Black) - $33;
    10.) ASOS Peplum Skirt Dress (in Black) - $44;
    11.) Lark & Wolff by Steve Alan Bow Party Dress (in Black) - $98;

    I hope I've given you some good options and that you find your perfect LBD!


    Carla H said...

    You left me a coment and here I am.
    Well, actually your blog is great, but I think that your palette of coulours if very limitated, I mean, if you realised, there is all black, gray or brown. You've to open yourself to more colours :)
    xo xo
    and Happy Xmas!

    briannelee said...

    Love the little lace dress! I will add you to my list of favorites :)