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    Monday, January 5, 2009

    Inspired... Open Back

    The body part of the new season? The back! Highlight it, frame it, and show it off! 

    1.) Sasha Pivovarova
    2.) Hilary Swank
    3.) ASOS Chain Back Long Sleeve Top (in Black) - $21;
    4.) The Sartorialist - Studded Leather Jacket
    5.) Sienna Miller

    Tips: Essentially you could create a similar effect by simply wearing a low-cut sweater, shirt/blouse or dress, backwards. 

    6.) ASOS Backless V Back Jersey Top (in Black or Red) - $26;
    7.) The Sartorialist - Chain Necklace
    8.) Cotton Spandex Jersey Double U-Neck Dress (in Black, Raspberry, Sea Blue or Mauve) - $36;
    9.) The Sartorialist - Voluminous Detailed Coat
    10.) Lipsy Strappy Open Back Zip Body Con Dress (in Black) - $81;

    Tips: Another way to achieve a creative back-showcasing look is by draping a necklace down your back, instead of down the front. But make sure the necklace isn't too heavy - you don't want to choke yourself!

    11.) The Sartorialist - Bejeweled Wing Back
    12.) Kimchi Blue Lace T Back Halter (in Black or Light Grey) - $32;
    13.) Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2009 RTW
    14.) The Sartorialist - V-Back

    Tips: For a bunch of other photo inspirations of backless dresses, here's a good link:


    So said...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is really full of nice pictures and fashion inspirations :)

    briannelee said...

    I love the necklace down the back look. Very interesting.

    Anonymous said...

    ah i love backless dresses. i think a low back is so much sexyer than a low front

    Mariëlle said...

    This is such a chic look! Chic yet sexy. Too bad it's too cold to wear something like that at the moment!

    Hannele said...

    Love that asos backless V dress, wow!
    great picks!

    Skumfidus said...

    I like your blog too! This is a cool post about backless dresses! I think they are so beautiful, but I never wear them because I don`t think it looks any good with the bra showing and I feel so naked without one.