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    Wednesday, January 28, 2009

    Girl of the Month... January

    With the awards season in full bloom and the Academy Awards right around the corner, who else could I choose for "Girl of the Month" but the fantastic, front-running nominee, Kate Winslet? With numerous Oscar nominations behind her but with no award to claim for them, I'm hoping this year will change things for Kate (she did garner two Golden Globes!) Let's take a look at what she's served up on the red carpet... in slideshow form!

    1.) 2009 Golden Globes in Narciso Rodriguez. Three words: Stunning, stunning, stunning. I don't care what the "Fashion Police" say!
    2.) 2008(?) BAFTA Awards. It fits her perfectly, and would look good on a multitude of women's bodies (but looks especially good on Kate)
    3.) Premiere of "The Reader". These bandage Herve Leger dresses have been seen on numerous celebrities, but few have managed to pull them off with the same elegance and classiness as Kate does. Usually they end up looking a little... skanky (for lack of a better word). 
    4.) 2007 Golden Globes in Azzaro by Vanessa Seward. Classic obviously works for her, with a crimson lip, simple silver jewelry (Chopard) and a well-fitted, ethereal white dress.
    5.) 2007 Academy Awards in Valentino Couture. Even though seafoam green isn't a common colour on the red carpet, both Kate and Beyonce were wearing similar colours. But who won in the battle of seafoam? I think you can guess ;)
    6.) A surprisingly voluminous dress for someone who regularly wears relatively form-fitting dresses. Not surprisingly, volume works on her too.
    7.) Revolutionary Road Premiere. This LBD fits like a glove and has just the right amount of 'sparkle'. It doesn't hurt that Leo is right by her... 

    For those reasons (and because Kate is one of the greatest actresses of her generation) Kate Winslet is January's Girl of the Month! Congrats ;)

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