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    Sunday, February 1, 2009

    Celeb Stalk

    Today's theme is QUILTED BAGS!

    We all know and love the classic 2.55 Chanel Purse and/or Marc Jacob's "Stam" bag, but here are a few other less popular bags that you may not have noticed, but might like just as much. These celebs have already fallen in love with theirs!

    1.) Again, beginning with Keira Knightley, who wore head-to-toe Chanel, including a black Chanel purse, to the Chanel Couture show. Seen here with Karl Lagerfeld, Keira sure looks happy to be one of the designer's muses - the perks are good!

    2.) Marion Cotillard, often staying off the fashion radar until awards season, looked elegantly french (as only the french can) at the Dior show in Paris. Unlike the oversized totes we're so used to seeing around L.A., the tiny black Dior purse is a nice change of pace. 

    3.) Accompanied by an unknown companion, Nicky Hilton dresses up her casual black, grey and white outfit with (what else?) a quilted Chanel purse. 

    4.) Judging by the trio of pictures, Rachel Bilson: 
    a.) Loves her black and tan Chanel purse
    b.) Has used this bag at least 3 times
    c.) All of the above!
    If you guessed c.): Congrats! Sorry you don't win anything :/

    5.) While other new mothers are out running errands in orthopedic sneakers and oversized t-shirts, Nicole Richie sticks to her celebrity roots and chooses instead to accessorize her black and white striped tee with black skinny jeans and a black quilted bag. 

    6.) Mischa Barton accessorized her peculiar, slightly over-styled outfit with a shining beacon of hope: a black patent-leather Lady Dior handbag.

    7.) If it weren't for the bright-pink, quilted designer bag and slew of papparazzi following her journey through customs, Sienna Miller would've blended right in at the airport! 

    Please comment on what you think of this new post, so I can know what your reactions are to it, and how it can/should be changed! Thanks :)

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