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    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    Celeb Stalk

    Today's theme is EXTREME SHOES!

    Perhaps some of you are reminiscing on the extremist shoes you fondly remember your favourite celebrities wearing, or even your own shoes that have garnered many a confused stare. Whatever the case, today I'm showcasing the wildest shoes I can remember from the past few years - and bringing them to you! So while the last "Celeb Stalks" were meant to inspire and give you new ideas of how to wear clothes, this one is only meant for frivolity and fun! But if you are inspired to try these styles at home, by all means, go ahead! Just don't forget to take a picture :)

    How could this begin without Victoria Beckham's Antonio Berardi black patent, heel-less, 
    almost waist-high,                 heels? 
    Misha Barton's flair for interesting style lands her on this edition of "Celeb Stalk" twice - in this picture, for her shell-looking Dior heels, that might not be out of place in the next "Pirates of the Caribbean".
    Remember those misplaced-heel Marc Jacobs shoes? Well the fact that even good-girl Michelle Trachtenberg was seen wearing them (on more than one occasion) is a reminder that even the most absurd styles can catch on. 
    Kim Kardashian is clearly trying to amp-up her relatively non-existent high fashion image by wearing (frequently) these black patent Margiela cut-out heel-boots. 
    Prada's whimsical, faerie-inspired show a few seasons ago was all about the airy-ness of spring and it's mystical creatures. But these shoes worn by Angie Harmon are anything but dainty - who knew tulips could look so hardcore?
    Madonna wearing Chanel's pistol pumps. Nuf' said. 
    I'm a big fan of Rihanna's extravagant style, and although they've received a lot of criticism, I especially like these crazy Balenciaga sandal-boots. They even make her relatively normal outfit seem ~dressier~ and wilder.
    If you haven't seen these wild Yves Saint Laurent [cage heels] (or at least a version of them) then I'm not sure what you're doing on this site! Becki Newton's are the [cu   t-ou   t version], whereas Beyonce has been photographed wearing the [[completely-caged]] mini-boot version. They really are the shoe of the season
    Ashley Olsen (and her sister Mary-Kate) are no strangers to the avant-garde shoe world, but these black Azzedine Alaia gladiator sandals are fabulously extreme. It's got all the elements: c   ut-o  ut   s, over-the-calf, patent... I can see why Ashley's a fan!
    Mischa Barton was just one of the many celebrities to don these extremist Louis Vuitton tribal sandals. They've been seen on everyone from one of my favourites, Alexa Chung, to Kanye West's girlfriend Amber Rose. No pair is alike, so when you search for them, you're sure to find a plethora of celebs wearing similar, but not exactly the same, extravagant heels.

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