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    Sunday, June 7, 2009


    WOW! I just realized Wearfare turned a year old on May 6th... and it's now June 7th... 

    But besides my forgetfulness, this blog has been bustling for a whole year! A milestone! Hooray!

    Thank you, all of you, not just the fantastic, fabulous, fashionable followers, but any person who's ever happened to stumble upon this site, even if you hated it. 

    Thank you all so much! Wearfare would be nothing without you :)


    P.S. - MostlyModel turns a year old at the end of July, so lets not forget that and have to end up celebrating in August or something...

    P.P.S. - Please take this opportunity to comment on any changes you think should happen as we continue on in our second year

    1 comment:

    A. said...

    Congratulations on the milestone! If only champagne were internet-transferable haha!

    Perhaps, since you always have beautiful editorials featured, make them larger in size so that we can see all the pretty, pretty details.