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    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    Beauty and the Best

    Beauty Look of the Week: Not just one of the premiere taste-makers in young, modern fashion, Phillip Lim showcases some of the most beautiful beauty looks to compliment his beautiful clothing. For the summertime, it's nice to have a rosy flush. - 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2009 RTW, (first photo: Paula Zago, second photo: Julia Goncharenko)
    Up-and-Coming: Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment has been a staple in most women's makeup bags for years, due to it's simple application, chapstick-style consistency, and long-lasting effects. But for those who've loved Sugar since the beginning but sometimes like a little colour in their makeup, your day has come. Sugar Lip Treatment Rose is the same as the original, only with the ability to give your lips a beautiful rosy glow. - $22.50,
    Must Have: If you've never heard of Diorshow Mascara... what's the location of your isolated, socially-uninvolved cave again? - $24,
    Pick of the Week: The newest Gucci fragrance, Flora by Gucci, is a light floral scent that adds a feminine touch to even the most masculine ensemble. Go ahead, wear your head-to-toe menswear smoking suit and oxfords, just don't forget to add that tiny bit of feminine flair :) - $52-$90,

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    Dannie said...

    i love their hair!
    and make up and bone structure!
    looovely ;)))