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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Girl of the Month... July

    By this point, surely everybody reading this has heard of Megan Fox and the Transformers franchise. Regardless of if you've actually seen the movies, you must have seen of Megan Fox. Perhaps you carelessly mistook her for Angelina Jolie (a mistake both parties would be upset about), or maybe you've been obsessing over her since the very first movie? Whatever the case, she has been inescapable for the past few months, and her on and off the red carpet style has not gone unnoticed. Here are a few of my most memorable moments:

    This is my favourite formal outfit, because it accentuates without showing too much, and has the right dash of sex appeal, but also the right amount of restraint due to the dress' playful colour (reminiscent of Rihanna's lovely past Grammy dress). Also her hair and makeup isn't looking as overdone is at sometimes is, which lends to the relaxed attitude of the look. 
    My favourite out-and-about outfit - I LOVE THOSE LACE LEGGINGS! They're absolutely fabulous, and done in just the right way, contrasted with tough boots and a casual grey sweater. This look gets an A from me (although Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, earns a C at best)
    Sexy, chic, simple, classic - a modern Audrey would be proud. 
    The nude pumps were a good choice, as almost any other colour would detract from the brightness of the dress. Her hair and makeup is beautiful, but I'd lose the strawberry necklace - too 4th grader. 
    Again, with the classic simplicity! Clearly this style works on her body, and this colour and print keep it youthful (just under Michelle Obama territory, not that her territory is a bad place to be at all).
    Dressing playfully for a press conference, Megan keeps this loose-and-light shorts and blouse look age appropriate with a neutral black and white colour palette. 
    A golden goddess at the Golden Globes - I just wish I could erase that tattoo for a moment... 
    Staying away from the slutty look by keeping the palette in the neutral zone again - the grey sweater vest contrasts the black tank-top, and the white jeans are as naturally disheveled looking as regular blue denim. 
    I don't like the matchy-matchy shoes, but for some reason this look works for me. The bold one-shoulder is a nice change of pace from the strapless neckline, and the colour is the perfect complement to her dark hair and tanned skin. 
    Stylishly casual, with her signature boots, skinny jeans, and a comfortable tee, all topped off with an off-kilter fedora (truthfully, at first I mistook her for Gossip Girl's Jessica Szhor...) 


    Dannie said...

    as beajutiful as she is, im sorry, she annoys me

    M @ Wearfare said...

    hahahaha yea she bothers me too. my theory is that she is HOT, but not like beautiful, you know? Charlize Theron can have a horrible spray tan but still be the most beautiful woman in the room, Natalie Portman can have a shaved head but still be gorgeous. My guess is that when she hits 40, everyone's going to be thinking "why is Megan Fox still dressing like a 20 year-old?".