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    Monday, June 9, 2008

    Enviable...Lily Donaldson

    A new recurring post, "Enviable" tracks a celebrity whose style over the years has been enviable but can still influence your own wardrobe in a positive way.
    Today our "Enviable" post star is Lily Donaldson. Her style since the beginning of her modeling career has been consistently true to her personal style and still up-to-date, keeping up with the ever changing trends. We hope that Lily's style will inspire someone with similar taste to update their own wardrobe in a way that doesn't imitate Lily, but in an inspirational way, so that people can imbue some of Lily into their wardrobe, and make her style their own.
    We also love Lily's ability to reuse the same pieces and still keep them fresh (the last three photos)

    Congratulations Lily - we officially envy you :)

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