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    Thursday, June 26, 2008

    Runway-to-Freeway...Ralph Lauren Resort

    This outfit is what I imagine modern prep to be. It has all the elements of a clean, crisp, Jackie O.-esque ensemble, but with a twist of modernism. I hope that this will inspire all of you who can't live with out your cable-knit twin set to try a fresher look - and in turn, change the way prepsters all over the world dress (well, maybe not world wide...). So hang up your polos and have a great day at the beach - preferably in the Hamptons!

    1.) Polished Hoops (in Gold) - $3;
    2.) Spring Floral Scarf (in Cream/Rust or Blue/Turquoise) - $8;
    3.) Multi Bangles Set of 50 (in Gold) - $18;
    4.) Cotton Shirt Tunic (in White) - $23;
    5.) Printed Ruffle Drawstring Mini (in Citrus Lime or Kelly Green) - $10;
    6.) Figure Eight Sandal (in Gold) - $28;

    Our thought: The reason we gave the two options for the scarf and the skirt is because we wanted to have two colour palettes for this look. The first colour choices are truer to the Ralph Lauren outfit (a red/orange colour scheme), while the second colour choices are in a blue/green colour scheme. Choose the one that fits you best, or get both and it's almost like having another outfit!


    i think thats hauttte said...

    the figure-8 sandal is interesting. like gladiators...but not.?

    Anonymous said...

    hey great site! thanks for your inspirations :D