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    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    Inspired...Reese Witherspoon

    The ELLE spread with Reese Witherspoon embodied her personal style exactly. The ease but sophistication that Reese always exudes makes women over 30 (and any and all women, really) realize that there's more to motherhood-style than just sweatpants. She's a literal trendsetter, sparking trends such as yellow formal wear, long charm necklaces and blunt bangs. Even in the most casual situations (working out, grocery shopping, etc.) Reese is the epitome of perfection, usually opting for classic styles and all-black looks (without looking the slightest bit gothic). And you know that if she's that impeccable taking her kids to school, she has to blow your mind at red carpet events. And she does - all while remaining completely grounded and personable. So this weeks "Inspired..." is a dedication to one of the ultimate style icons of the 00's. Keep it up Reese, cause we think you're great!

    1.) ASOS Flower Button Tea Dress (in Purple) - $54;
    2.) Jewel Box Necklace (in Gold) - $18;
    3.) Turnlock Doctor Bag (in Black) - $58;
    4.) Vanessa Flat (in Black) - $20;

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