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    Sunday, June 15, 2008

    Under $100

    An outfit for a formal summer date: this outfit will give you that boost of confidence (literally, in those heels!) that you usually need on a date, especially a first one. Remember that first dates are all about impressions, and you want to make sure that you don't make a bad impression - or too good of an impression (if you catch my drift). So we've decided to keep this look fashion forward with the mixing of the prints (think Dries Van Noten), and also keep it sexy but not raunchy. The light floral top has a high collar so as not to show to much chest, a high waisted short skirt with a crisp white belt, a faux snakeskin clutch that will hold all the necessaries, and to top it all off (or actually, bottom it all off) we added the light purple platforms to show of your gams. If it's more leg than you'd like to show, try adding a pair of black opaque tights to keep you looking at your best without being uncomfortable. Remember - comfort is key! If you don't feel good in your skin, people can read it all over your face. So keep it comfortable with just the right amount of sexiness and you'll be ready for whatever summer romance throws at you.

    1.) Love Story Chiffon Blouse (in D.Pink/Cream) - $20;
    2.) Lola Belt (in White) - $16.50;
    3.) Paisley Mini Skirt (in Toffee) - $20.50;
    4.) Xhilaration Faux Snake Skin Clutch (in Tan/Natural) - $13;
    5.) Nonstop Platform Heel (in Lavender/Gold) - $23;
    For tights: Sparkle & Fade Opaque Tights (in Black) - $8;

    Grand Total = $93
    (with tights = $101)

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    Diabolina said...

    gonna go look for that top the next time i visit forever.

    cute blog ;)