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    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    Best Beauty Buys...Temperley

    This look is for those of you who don't think you can pull of the severeness of Amy Winehouse's look, but would really like to. In other words, it's like the vanilla version of Amy's chocolate look. In even other words, it's like the summer/spring to Amy's fall/winter. 

    Once again, some of the application tips come straight from, makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, and hair stylist James Brown.

    Available at either or

    Face: Sephora Brand Hydrating & Smoothing Foundation - $20, Laura Geller Illuminizing Color Wash (for lighter skin tones, in Mystic Pink; for darker skin tones, in Sunkissed) - $12.50, Sephora "Tricks of the Trade" Radiance Mist - $12

    Cheeks: Sonia Kashuk Beautifying Blush (in Lilly 16 or Flamingo 13) - $8

    Eyes: Boots No.7 Stay Perfect Shadow Palette (in Radiant Bronze) - $8, Napoleon Perdis Loose Eye Dust (in Antique Rose) - $5, Boots No.7 Stay Perfect Eye Color Cream (in Vanilla) - $8

    Lips: Boots No.7 Stay Perfect Lipstick (in Desert) - $10

    Make Up Application: Charlotte Tilbury's beautiful inspiration was none other than Shakespeare's Ophelia, the muse of many a Pre-Raphaelite painter. The makeup artist executed her version in a palette of blurred mauves, roses, and chocolates, highlighted with antique golds and bronzes. "It's a very dreamy, far-away look," said Tilbury. Tilbury left the skin looking damp, a romantic interpretation of Ophelia's sad, watery fate. To start, she applied a thin layer of a full coverage foundation—"an imperative for impeccable, expensive-looking skin"—then ran a glossy highlighter over cheekbones and lids. After the foundation, Radiance Mist, and luminzer, apply blush to the apple of the cheeks, then lightly blend towards the temples. Make sure it diffuses properly, so you don't end up with a crazy pink streak headed into your hairline. For the base of the eye shadows follow these 3 steps: first, apply the brown shadows in the palette to the ends and the bottom lash line of the lids up towards the brow bone, like a sweeping cat eye of sorts (very Amy). Second, lightly dust the previously-made sweep with the eye dust. Third, dab the eye color cream along the lash line and inner corner of the eyes, diffusing towards the bottom lash line. For the lips, use the lipstick straight from the bullet for a richer color.

    Hair: GHD Dry Hair Spray - $20;

    Hair Styling: If Ophelia captured Tilbury's imagination, it was Rapunzel who preoccupied hair stylist James Brown. To create his sultry Dark Ages look, he flat-ironed sections of the hair and twirled others into whimsical little ribbons. A mist of GHD's Dry Hair Spray created an invisible, flexible web around the hair, perfect for ethereal creations like Brown's. Brown's appetite for "destroyed-looking styles" comes as little surprise; the stylist's own Return to the Blue Lagoon ringlets make him easy to spot backstage. "It is so sexy to have a pile of disheveled hair," he proclaimed, partially in defense of his own curly, nonconformist crown. And while he's the first to admit that long, shiny Gisele-style layers haven't exactly lost their appeal, he suggests updos and ponytails as a flattering option for those who weren't blessed with the famous Brazilian's bombshell locks. The key, he said, is to go for height. "You're going to see much more hair up this spring."


    Anonymous said...

    Omg, I always wish I could put my hair up like that but it's too frizzy. Thanks for the references!

    Kat said...

    Right now I just can't remember the name of the model who's in the third picture.

    Maya said...

    ^answer: lily cole^

    Kat said...

    Thanks for refreshing my memory, Maya! ^^