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    Friday, August 1, 2008

    High Street...Camila Alves

    Although she is best known as Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend/mother of his child, she also has a clean sense of style. Her outfits are generally very simple but very figure flattering (which isn't incredibly difficult, seeing as she's a model). But today's piece is actually from when she was pregnant with her and Matthew's baby boy, Levi. So all you pregnant women (and in the rarest of instances, men - lest we forget "The Pregnant Man") pay attention to Camila's pregnancy attire - it just may give your wardrobe that extra boost of pregnancy chic!

    And while these aren't exactly like Camilla's, all of them are equally cute options that work on any body type.

    1.) Color Block Strapless Maxi Dress (in Black/Grey) - $28;
    2.) ASOS Twisted Strap Maxi Dress (in Purple) - $77;
    3.) Ombre Maxi Dress (in Shadow) - $36.50;


    Naomi said...

    Maxi dresses are best for summer season...

    M said...

    Sorry - we live in L.A. where every season is summer season