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    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    Runway-to-Freeway...Teen Choice Awards 2008 #1

    This year's teen choice awards was full of colour, but there were two looks we loved most of all: Rachel Bilson (one of our all time favourite dressers and winner for Best Actress in the action category) and Kristen Bell, whom we throughly enjoyed in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". 

    First, we'll show you Rachel's look - it's young, sweet and something many girls would love to wear. It would work well for a night out clubbing or for a cocktail party. Kristen's is our second look, and hers is slightly more casual and would work for a semi-formal date or party. 

    (I apologize for the badly cropped photos - I couldn't find any better ones! If you have any, please e-mail them to me)

    To get Rachel's look:
    1.) ASOS Stud Detail Clutch Bag (in Black) - $26;
    2.) ASOS Textured Oval Disc Drop Earrings (in Gold) - $13;
    3.) ASOS Asymmetric Strap Embellished Trim Dress (in Green) - $83;
    4.) Rianna Metallic Wedge (in Gold/Cream) - $23;

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    Anonymous said...

    Very cute look, I found this photo hope it helps!