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    Tuesday, August 5, 2008


    I've been thinking recently that all these words that I'm writing on all these topics pretty much go in one ear and out the other, but that being said, it may be a cliche but a picture says a thousand words, so for a while I'll be taking a break on the words :)

    Rihanna has become a real fashion maven over the past year, and here are the outfits we find most covetable:

    1.) Believe it or not, this is our favourite look of Rihanna's. It's daring, ethereal, and absolutely stunning.
    2.) Rihanna at an InStyle magazine shoot
    3.) She was one of the first instigators of the blazer of the short dress look (although this one has feathers!)
    4.) We loathe these Balenciaga sandals, but on Rihanna they're fitting. You may have noticed they make a cameo in her music video for "Disturbia"
    5.) Another jacket over a dress look - we love the juxtaposition of the tough leather motorcycle jacket with the fitted mini dress.
    6.) Rihanna loves her feathers, and this Zac Posen dress doesn't disappoint. This is the only type of math we like: Rihanna + neon dresses = perfection.
    7.) On someone else a jumpsuit would be overwhelming and ridiculous. But Rihanna isn't just anyone. This Stella McCartney one-piece offsets the sometimes harsh cut of her hair. 

    Congratulations Rihanna - we officially envy you :)

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    Anonymous said...

    i absolutely love rihanna's style! she has definitely come into her own from where she started from. =)