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    Wednesday, September 10, 2008

    Enviable...Kate Hudson

    Lately our envy has been turning towards an unexpected source: Kate Hudson. With her long blonde waves, girl next-door charm, and killer fashion sense, what's not to envy? 

    Here are our favourite looks of Kate's ranging from very casual to beyond high-fashion: 

    1.) Who says blondes can't wear gold? Kate looks positively golden in this molten gown.
    2.) Even Kate's super casual look is put together. I love the combination of colours and the proportion of the dress and scarf together.
    3.) Balmain's show last season was fantastic, and apparently Kate thinks so too! This black cocktail dress is far from dull.
    4.) This may be my favourite look of Kate's. Like in my last "Enviable" post, the words used to describe our favourite look of Rihanna's can be also be used here: daring, ethereal, and absolutely stunning.
    5.) While this black cocktail number is nowhere near as flashy as the Balmain creation, Kate keeps things interesting with a tan shawl/cardigan.
    6.) Even in the most blustery of situations, Kate comes off unscathed! She's endearing even when weathering this particularly windy night at the premiere of "Fool's Gold". I'll forgive that black coat because she's wearing the loveliest cerulean blue Lanvin dress underneath :)
    7.) This casual combo of sweater coat and jeans may have been haphazardly thrown together, but we love it! In fact, I'm trying to find a similar sweater right now so I can imitate this look on the next lazy sunday (providing the weather permits such an ensemble :p)

    Congratulations Kate - we officially envy you :)

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