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    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Under $100/Inspired

    This is actually a half "Inspired", half "Under $100", but I've been so in love with the "Photo of the Week" that I combined them both just this once to get you a similar look. Who knows - the Sartorialist might just see double :) (o.k., so maybe we're not THAT good, but you get the idea!)

    1.) Mossimo Black No-Button Drape Cardigan (in Ebony) - $18;
    2.) Women's Cinch-Waist Sun Dress (in Natural Floral) - $29.50;
    3.) ASOS Ankle Strap Sandal (in Gold) - $46.50;

    Grand Total = $94 
    Grand Total of the actual Chloe dress (not including the costs of the Miu Miu sandals and black cardigan) = approx. $2,520

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