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    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    Inspired... Purple

    Undeniably the colour of fall 2008, purple looks regal and elegant on everyone who wears it. You wouldn't know it, but it's one of the most flattering colours and it transcends age. But how to integrate it into your fall wardrobe without going overboard? I have some ideas :)

    Personally, I'd dive straight in with bold, dark purple-hued evening wear. But for everyday looks, you may just want to use purple as a 'pop' colour (like a purple bag or lavender scarf). 

    1.) Pair this with a simple black cocktail dress and a silver clutch and you're sure to make a bold statement. Justine Patent Pump (in Dark Purple/Silver) - $23;
    2.) A look from the Fall 2008 RTW Bill Blass runway
    3.) Even adding the tiniest amount of purple pumps up an outfit. ASOS Enamel And Square Stone Ring (in Gold) - $15;
    4.) Use this the next time you need a cute bag for a movie date or dinner party. Suzy Smith Bright Chain Shoulder Bag (in Grape) - $46.50;
    5.) Pair this with a white tank top tucked into a pair of dark was jeans, and you'll have an adorable and effortless outfit. Dream V-Neck Cardigan (in Dark Eggplant) - $69.50;
    6.) Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) carrying a bright purple Valentino bag on the set of "Gossip Girl"
    7.) Not exactly flattering on all body types, but for those who can pull it off, wear it with a billowy pewter grey blouse and long silver necklaces. Interlock Mini Skirt (in Eggplant) - $25;
    8.) A more flattering skirt option; ideal for the chillier days worn with knee high boots and opaque tights. Felted Wool Mini (in Royal Violet) - $98;
    9.) A look from the Fall 2008 RTW Alberta Ferretti runway
    10.) Easily used as an everyday bag. Bessie Quilted Oversized Clutch and Chain Bag (in Purple) - $56;
    11.) A change of pace from your regular, black opaque tights. Opaque Pantyhose (in Plum) - $14;
    12.) A look from the Fall 2008 RTW Versace runway
    13.) Combines both the fetish trend and the purple trend into one accessory. Best worn as a waist-cincher over a solid coloured flowy dress. ASOS Studded Patent Waist Belt (in Purple) - $22;


    Anonymous said...

    like your website so far but i've got a suggestion that i think would make your blog so much more enjoyable to read...
    i may particularly lazy but who can be bothered to keep flitting back and forth to look what you're talking about.

    M @ Wearfare said...

    thank you, that's a fantastic suggestion but I haven't a clue as to how to do that! It only lets me put all the pictures on top of the text! If anybody knows how... please be sure to let me know!!!!