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    Sunday, March 29, 2009

    Inspired... Warming Weather

    With the weather warming up, we all need a little inspiration!

    Probably the most perfect combination I can find. The comfort of the shirt, the volume contrast of the pants, the worn-in leather bag, the grey heels... I'm smitten with this outfit!
    I like the idea of an interesting, light-weight coat as a dress. The matching tights are also an interesting combination, and gives it a colour-blocked look.
    Very vintage Ralph Lauren, and also very classically comfortable. The layers are light and fit to perfection - a white shirt base and a navy cardigan (belted) with a navy blazer and patterned scarf. Crisp, easy, lovely.
    I need those shoes. I really like the combination of colours, with a black and white basis and a cranberry-coloured sweater with a multi-grey scarf. It's very simple to put together, and can be dressed up or dressed down - gotta love versatility!
    For those of you who aren't in the warmest climate, here's a stunner for you. This outfit is trendy and simplistic - the trendy elements being the thigh-high boots and Alexander Wang bag; the simplistic elements being the tunic tee, blazer, and super-blue jeans.

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    briannelee said...

    I really like the "Ralph Lauren" outfit.