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    Sunday, March 8, 2009

    Photo(s) of the Week

    Photos: The Sartorialist

    1.) This takes the sheer silhouette to a different level! It's like a fashion optical illusion.

    2.) First off, I love Zanna Roberts. A really admire her impeccable style, and this photo is no exception (she's only the left, if you're unsure). Not to say that I don't like the Phillip Lim dress on the girl on the right, but Zanna can do no wrong. I really like the combo of classic white shirt and leggings paired with leather boots and embellished cardigan.

    3.) So I'm not that into the moccasin boots (too LA-scene kid) and the volume on the top is too overpowering. The reason I chose this picture? The leggings! The cutouts on the side are genius. I have a pair from Leyendecker ( and they're heaven.

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    copperoranges said...

    i love the second shot with the tiered dress. super cute.