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    Friday, March 27, 2009

    As Seen On... by revolve
    Fitted Stretch Dress (in Cerulean) - $795
    Silk Combo Jacket (in Black) - $625
    Leather Motorcycle Jacket (in Denim) - $1,430
    Stretch Netting Skirt (in Black) - $755
    Baggy Sweater (in Black/White) - $595
    Rib Jersey Dress (in Black) - $550

    Maybe I'm a little late, but I just discovered's designer site, Forward by revolve. I'm smitten - I want everything on there! So in starting this new recurring post, I'm going to be showcasing my favourite looks from a certain designer. Yes, this is Wearfare, the blog dedicated to accessible fashion, but it never hurts to admire incredibly designer wares (and if you do have the bank account to buy 'em, more power to you!) Besides, I pretty much get all my inspiration from high fashion looks, and you probably have at least a few times too. Also, forgive my seeming overload of Alexander Wang, but I've decided to showcase his work first :) Hope you enjoy - and comments about what you do or don't like are very helpful.

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    Anonymous said...

    i love that first dress