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    Wednesday, March 25, 2009

    Girl of the Month... March

    Not that she's done anything particularly spectacular in the past month, but Alexa Chung is always on my fashion radar. Effortlessly (looking at least) styled, Alexa captures the London stylist look to a tee. She is (granted, behind a few select ladies) the epitome of English-lass style, but it's so uniquely hers. I can see her outfit without noticing her face and still say "that's SO Alexa Chung!" (maybe not in exactly that manner, but you get the point). Oh, what I wouldn't give for one of her Mulberry bags and/or pair of worn-in oxford booties! Don't believe me? Even if you do, take a look :)

    My favourite looks are #'s... well all of them, now that I think about it. 

    Don't forget to enlarge for a better look at Alexa's clothing

    Which looks are your favourites? Who would you rather have been G.O.T.M for March? Do you even know who Alexa Chung is?!!? Comment below, and if you have any questions (i.e. regarding who Alexa is) shoot me an e-mail or something!


    alter muffin said...

    I totaly agree:)

    closeup said...

    Oh yeah, she's so cool. I'm so jealous, because she's got the coolest boyfriend in the world! Arctic Monkeys rock!