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    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    Girl of the Month...July

    On every website we regularly visit, we keep seeing this one girl who's always in the corner but never featured. To us, her style on and off screen is fantastic, which is why July's Girl of the Month is Leighton Meester, our favourite Gossip Girl. We also LOVE her name! Obviously, her on screen style is Upper East Side chic, but off screen, it's more like breezy, California chic. But we'll let her outfit's speak for themselves - after all, some of them speak volumes.

    The first three photos are of Leighton playing Blair Waldorf, our favourite character, on one of our favourite shows, Gossip Girl. Our favourite real life outfit? The second to last photo of Leighton wearing a bright blue vest over a simple black tank top and denim shorts. But did you notice the impeccably placed hair ornament? It makes the outfit! We also love the green ruffle dress, which is perfect for her colouring. 

    So while Leighton is busy in NY filming season 2 of Gossip Girl, we'll be getting our fall wardrobe ready with her style inspiration in mind (and eagerly anticipating the next season of course). 

    And to simplify it for all you math geeks: Leighton Meester + Blair Waldorf = the ultimate style inspiration. And for that reason, Leighton Meester is July's Girl of the Month. Congrats! ;)

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