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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Runway-to-Freeway...Abaete Resort/Look #1

    Abaete's resort line has proven to us that horizontal stripes are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they can be pretty darn flattering if warn in the right way, which in their collection means synching the waist and a great fit. So here today we have 2 looks (to make up for missing a day) with horizontal stripes, so you too can get over your fear of them! 

    This first look is for more of a casual workday, like a "Casual Friday" kind of look. The horizontal stripes in this look are more subtle, kind of like a pinstripe, but in the opposite direction. Both the belts and the shoes can be used for both of the outfits, but we have posted two shoe options if you wanted a different pair for each outfit, or you could just choose one pair for both. Or nothing - it's completely up to you! We just want to give you options :)

    1.) Sarah Faux Leather Belt (in Black) - $9.80;
    2.) Braided Faux Leather Belt (in White) - $9.80;
    3.) Shadow Stripe Racerback (in Navy) - $28;
    4.) Mossimo Supply Co. Long and Lean Tank (in True White) - $8;
    5.) Wide Led Linen Pant (in White) - $25;
    6.) Spectator Peep Toe (in Black/White) - $20;

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