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    Saturday, July 12, 2008


    So the last "Get it now..." post had us thinking about books. We love to read and recently people have told us how little they read. We want to try and inspire people to read more, and they don't have to be long, drawn out novels - they can be books about your interests, like fashion or even more specifically, a book about a certain designer you like, or a certain era you like. Reading is about broadening your mind and understanding more about what you love! So our new recurring post will be called "Reading Rainbow", as a homage to that old kids show (which might actually still be on air...). If anyone has suggestions for topics that they want books for, we will gladly accept them and post numerous suggestions for that topic. 

    We appreciate you :)

    1 comment:

    Anonymous said...

    That sounds like a great idea! I definitely agree with the importance of keeping up our intellectual/mental acuity...and reading more than just magazines is a great way to do it! Some other topics you might use for the reading rainbow could be:
    Summer Vacation Spots
    Deal Digging: Bargain Hunting

    Or even some fictional books to recommend:
    Running in Heels
    Shoe Addicts Anonymous
    Confessions of a Shopoholic

    ^Those suggestions are more for younger readers, but enjoyable none the less.

    I love your blog...Keep up the good work!