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    Thursday, July 10, 2008

    Get it now...ASOS Sale

    Being one of our favourite european websites, we were thrilled that was having such a huge sale! We couldn't wait to bring you our favourite finds so you too can enjoy what ASOS has to offer.

    All available at

    1.) We think this dress is very Erin Fetherston (whom we love) but at a much more affordable price. ASOS Pleated Tiered Cami Dress (in White) - $32
    2.) This bracelet is ideal for those days when you need a little extra glamour. Mikey Initial Crystal Bracelet - $22
    3.) The ASOS describes this as a Kate Moss inspired scarf - and that right there sold it to us! ASOS Tie Dye Scarf (in Indigo) - $9
    4.) As a nod to the ethnic trend, this bracelet can be easily integrated into almost any outfit. ASOS Fabric And Bead Detail Bracelet (in Rust) - $9
    5.) This adorable skirt has both the star print trend and the preppy school trend all in one - and we're lovin' it! ASOS Star Print Full Skirt (in Navy) - $32
    6.) A great twist on a summer staple. ASOS Stud Detail Short (in Washed Blue) - $32
    7.) Want retro sunglasses that aren't Ray-Bans Wayfarers? Try these out - they're stylish without being exactly like everyone elses. ASOS 50's Style Flash Metallic Top Detail Sunglasses (in Black/Silver) - $17
    8.) Here's an category we've never posted before: books! We especially love fashion-related books, and this one is no exception. You gotta love Vicki B.! Victoria Beckham's "That Extra Half An Inch" - $15
    9.) While everyone else is wearing their flat brown gladiators (us included), you can put on these adorable gladiator-style wedges in a completely unexpected but trendy colour - purple. Get the edge on everyone else by wearing shoes that incorporate both the old gladiator trend and the upcoming purple trend. You always want to be fashion forward, not fashion middle ground. ASOS Triple Strap Patent Low Wedge Sandal (in Purple) - $30

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