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    Tuesday, July 1, 2008

    Girl(s) of the Month...June

    While we won't get to see the highly anticipated movie "The Edge of Love" starring Keira Knightley (our favourite), Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys here in the U.S., we are seeing a lot of the dynamic duo that is Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller, or as we like to call 'em, "Mightley", traveling all around Europe promoting their new movie, which has garnered a lot of exposure to the cameras (meaning lots of pictures for all of us!) and hopefully the film will live up to our especially high expectations, once it comes out on dvd of course. We heard that it's their best performances to date - even though it'll be hard to beat Atonement (pause for a montage of James McAvoy...mmm!) And you know that when fashion muses such as these two, who lean towards the beautiful bohemian/laid-back attire, combine, only great things can happen - and they have! Press junket photos and premieres galore were no match for this unstoppable force of beauty! So hopefully last month only left you wanting more of "Mightley", and for that reason (and numerous others...) Keira and Sienna are June's Girl's of the Month. Congrats! ; )


    Fashion Fleur said...

    Hey! I found your blog through the NYLON group on facebook, because I admin it (:
    I noticed you go to Oakwood, that's cool we have one facebook friend in common ruby franciosa (i went to elementary school with her)
    haha nice blog, i absolutely love those two but i like james mcavoy even better ( :

    M said...

    Well thank you - but I believe the person who posted that comment about your blog is our friend! But we have a group of people who run this and we often ask our friends to promote our website, so we can build it up (and apparently some of it is working!)

    So thank you very much for your support, and we'll be sure to let her know :)