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    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Under $100

    This is mainly for the younger crowd: Everyone needs a "first day back to school" outfit, so we tried to put together the most universally flattering and universally stylish ensemble we could think of - just for you! After all, your first outfit usually sets the tone for what you wear the rest of the year, so you definitely want it to be young, modern, and sophisticated. 

    1.) Rhinestone Zebra Pendant Necklace (in Clear/Black) - $6;
    2.) Fleur Di Leaf Necklace (in Gold/Green) - $6;
    3.) Xhilaration Bow Tie Capelet Sweater (in Hardware Gray) - $18;
    4.) Rosegarden Lace Dress (in Cream) - $23;
    5.) UO Opaque Tights (in Black) - $12;
    6.) Xhilaration Selena Ruffle Mary Jane Flats (in Plum) - $20;

    Grand Total = $85

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