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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Runway-to-Freeway...Abaete Resort/Look #2

    This second outfit is a more daring outfit, but also something you would wear to the beach (without the heels of course). Although we don't suggest it, if you really want to make a statement, wear the heels to the beach. But for everyone who doesn't (and we'd be in this category as well), throw on your favourite flip-flops. The shorts will make the most of your leg height and the most of your tanning time, even while you're just walking around. Please remember to lather on the sunscreen - no one looks good with a sunburn!

    We also posted a great sandal option, which is the FitFlop, which you can get at Since you'll be walking around in shorts most of the time, tanning as you do so, why not make the most out of your walking by getting a work out without a struggle? The FitFlop strengthens and tones muscles in your feet, legs, posterior, stomach and back - just while walking around! It even improves your balance and posture, which is key to a healthy body. Invest in these today and the results will be well worth it!

    1.) Unisex Cotton Wide Stripe Jersey Cardigan (in Black/White) - $44;
    2.) Sparkle & Fade Sweetheart Twist Front Tank (in Charcoal) - $32;
    3.) Salt and Pepper Running Short (in Peppered Grey) - $26;
    4.) Tuxedo T-Strap Heel (in White/Black) - $25;
    5.) FitFlop Walkstar (in Red, Black or Silver) - $50;

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